Who is Françoise de Felice? Biography and works

Françoise de Felice

Art and creativity are essential to both the creator and the individuals who use the piece of art. It allows the artists to express their thoughts through paints and prints, and their work can be used for many years to come. Over the years, there have been hundreds of notable artists, with Italy and France contributing some of the most famous artists. In this article, we will discuss the life and works of French artist Françoise de Felice. Some of her notable works are available at estades.com.

Early Life

Born in 1952, Felice is of Italian descent and one of the most famous French artists after the world wars. Her father was Italian, while her mother was French. Felice was born in the French capital, Paris, where she lived until she was 20 years old. Her grandmother introduced her to art, and she became more serious with it as she grew. She attended Sorbonne University and attended the Beaux-Arts while she was there. At Beaux-Arts, Felice studied essential impressionism, explaining why she has an impressionist in style in some of her works.

Later, Felice moved to Sicily in 1958, where she felt that French impressionism was not enough. In Sicily, she developed her own style thanks to the inspiration from the magnificence of the Sicilian baroque and the unique light of Sicily Island. She organized several international exhibitions in various places, including Rome, Geneva, London, and Paris. Her artworks were more like a story on femininity and about herself. Finally, after many tours back and forth between the Mediterranean and France, she decided to settle near Paris.

Inspiration and Technique

Typically, françoise de felice art use a gold leaf with her paintings and often watercolor them. She creates her own mythology, and most women she portrays are from the past. The paintings use various cultural references, including Vermeer’s lights from the renaissance period and Tiepolo. She also has some black and white photos as well as colored ones.

Best Francoise de Felice Art Works

Over the years, Felice has painted many paintings. All of them are great, representing different things. However, as it is always like, some paintings are more popular than others. Some of her most famous art works include:
Portrait de femme III
The portrait de femme III is one of the most notable works by this French artist. The portrait is about a black female with black hair and some red touches on her body. It measures 80 X 80 X 4cm, and you can even find a photo hand signed by the artist.
De Plumes et de soie
Consisting of two white ladies and one black lady, De Plumes et de soie is one of the most popular paintings from Felice. The painting is colored and measures 73 cm X 92 cm X 3 cm. Like most Francoise’s paintings, you could get a painting with her signature depending on where you buy it.
La jeune fille aux oillets
La jeune fille aux oillets was painted in 2002 and it is full of colors. The red lipstick on the lady matches the color of the dress, and the banquet of flowers adds a different attraction to the photo. It measures 81 cm x 54 cm x 5 cm.
Divinity Guanyin
Divinity Guanyin was painted in 2019, and it is one of the most sought photos by the artist. It is a portrait of a traditional woman, measuring 120 cm x 129 cm x 4 cm, making one of her large paintings.
Wrapping Up
Check out some of Felice’s impressionist in style work available on various online stores online. You can even buy hand-signed work from her.

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