A quiet retreat in the heart of the capital Paris

The capital city of France, Paris, is among the influential and vital cities globally. Paris is the number two most visited city after London in Europe when it comes to tourism. Therefore, if it’s your first time travelling to Paris…

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The 20 cheapest countries for your ‘low cost’ holiday

If you’re one of those who looks at the budget too much when planning your vacation, take a look at the 20 cheapest countries to go on vacation. Which one are you going to start with? Either because flying to…

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Diving in Malta, Gozo and Comino

Let’s explore together the most beautiful sites in the world to make wonderful scuba dives! Also, let’s take a little tour in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the three neighbouring islands Malto, Gozo and Comino, so that we can realize…

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Why travel to Egypt?

Egypt is a state in northeastern Africa crossed by the Nile and the deserts of Libya and Arabia. By choosing Egypt as your next vacation destination, you will enjoy an exceptional stay immersed in the history of the pharaohs. The…

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