Why travel to Egypt?

Egypt is a state in northeastern Africa crossed by the Nile and the deserts of Libya and Arabia. By choosing Egypt as your next vacation destination, you will enjoy an exceptional stay immersed in the history of the pharaohs. The cradle of civilization reserves to the tourists beautiful surprises.

Discover Ancient Egypt, a must-see destination.

Egypt is a great place for history buffs. One can dive into the history of the country by taking part in a tour of the remains of Egyptian civilization. Among these mythical places to discover in Egypt, tourists can visit the Valley of the Kings and discover its many tombs and ancient stories. Egypt is also the discovery of a monument symbol of the country: the Sphinx of Giza. The pyramid of Khufu, as well as the other pyramids of Egypt are impressive pyramid-shaped Egyptian tombs. When discovering the pyramids, one can take advantage of this escapade to admire the camels, or even ride them.

Admire Egyptian temples and architecture

Egypt is also a fabulous destination where you can discover many temples more or less well preserved. Among the temples to be discovered in the country of the Pharaohs is the Karnak religious complex. The necropolis of Giza is a funerary complex located on a plateau on the west bank of the Nile. Egypt is also known for its particular architecture. The Al-Azhar Mosque, the Temple of Horus and the Temple of Amun in Luxor, the Mohamed Ali Mosque, Islamic Cairo, the Temple of the Millions of Years of Ramses III, the Mosque of Sultan Hassan are all architectures that are worth visiting during his stay in Egypt. Lovers of Egyptian civilization can also visit museums such as the Luxor, Coptic Cairo, Saqqarah or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Memorable trips organized in Egypt

During a cruise on the Nile, holidaymakers will be able to enjoy the welcome and hospitality of the Egyptians. Those fortunate enough to hire a guide will be able to choose professional Egyptologists during the cruise. Those who benefit from organized trips will be entitled to impeccable onboard service. Egypt offers travellers fascinating landscapes. From the landscapes along the Nile to the dusty horizons of the deserts, the colourful houses... tourists will be able to appreciate the diversity of the Egyptian landscapes. This destination organizes various sightseeing tours to suit all tastes.
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