What is lithotherapy and how to benefit from it?

Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine existing since the dawn of time. It consists in treating various evils, by the power of stones and crystals. Currently, this atypical medical technique is very much in demand for its many virtues. It is said that it brings happiness and well-being on the psychic, physical and spiritual levels. Discover the essential to know about this ancestral technique that is lithotherapy.

What does lithotherapy consist of?

Taken from the Greek terms "lithos" meaning "stone", and "therapeia" meaning "to heal", lithotherapy is an alternative medicine which aims to heal thanks to the powers of stones. Indeed, semi-precious stones have many healing properties. Stones and crystals emanate an incredible specific energy depending on their crystallization and composition. From the human body emanates what the scientific jargon calls vibratory frequencies. The emotional and mental state of a person has a considerable permanent influence on these energies. It is precisely in this kind of situation that the use of lithotherapy is appropriate. To this end, natural stones are used to channel and temper these energies for the well-being of a person. A stone operates by going against the true nature of its holder. A person who is shy by nature and who has difficulty speaking in public, for example, may end up overcoming this blockage by relying on his Falcon's Eye stone.

How to use the stones to heal oneself?

Depending on the problem you wish to solve, choose the semi-precious stone that is suitable for your case. Then, put it permanently in contact with your skin. To do this, you can mount it as a piece of jewellery and wear it as a bracelet, necklace or pendant. If this does not suit you, you can also put it in your pocket or simply in your bag. You can also put your stone as a decorative object, on your desk. Used in this way, your stone can serve as a protective shield against negative situations and people. The lithotherapy restores your energy to soothe physical ailments such as visual disturbances and headaches. It invigorates a sick organ and easily combats insomnia. If you wish to take full advantage of the curative and preventive benefits of a stone, have faith. In fact, people who do not believe in the healing powers of stones and crystals develop a kind of barrier preventing good energies from acting correctly on them. In lithotherapy, the energy emanating from the stones has a significant impact on a person's inner state. It is what makes it possible to alleviate any psychic and physical malaise.

How to choose your stone?

Each stone has a unique vibratory signature. That makes it possible to use them to reach very diverse objectives. Several methods are offered to you. The simplest is to rely on your intuition. If a stone particularly attracts you for a reason that you do not manage to understand, choose it without hesitation. You can also choose your stone according to its colour and according to the chakra you wish to balance or purify. For example the Sacred chakra corresponds to creativity. To purify it, get an orange stone like orange carnelian or orange calcite. If you lack self-confidence, stimulate your solar plexus chakra with a yellowish stone such as amber or citrine. If you want to sharpen your intuition, imagination or wisdom, balance your third eye chakra. For that, choose a dark blue or indigo stone such as lapis lazuli or azurite. The shape of the stone is also important in your choice. A small round stone, or rolled stone, fits easily into your pocket and can accompany you wherever you go. A pointed stone, on the other hand, is indicated to direct its positive energy towards you or towards the energy points of your body. Finally, a sphere diffuses its energy so as to envelop you in a soothing halo.
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