What does Mercedes-Benz perfume smell like?

Mercedes-Benz perfume

Mercedes Benz is a German-based car company well-known for its creative innovation and luxury products. The company's brand logo is the three-pointed star which is globally known. Apart from designing the best automobiles, the company has gone ahead and started making a fragrance that suits men and women.

The cologne made is full of elegancy both inside and out. The company uses the best ingredients to come up with a lovely cologne. Anything Mercedes touches must live up to the expected standard of the company. See here for more information regarding Mercedes products.

What is the smell of Mercedes-Benz Cologne?

To those unfamiliar with the Mercedes perfume, here is a clue about how it smells. The perfume has a smell that is evident in notes. The notes are careful descriptors of the scent where one can smell them when applied. The notes comprise three classes, namely: the top notes, middle notes, and lastly, the base notes.

According to Mercedes, its men's perfume blends woody notes with the freshness of flowers. The Calabrian bergamot, Italian mandarin, and lemon essence are all featured in the excellent top note. The middle note is well known for its warm, spicy mix of bourbon pepper, galbanum resin, violet, and nutmeg. The base note offers spicy finishing to the cologne and includes patchouli and American cedar wood.

Best Mercedes Benz Cologne

Mercedes Benz Private

The luxury fragrance came into existence in 2018, one of the pleasingly simple perfumes for both genders. One thing about this cologne is its sensual, earthy tones that summarize nature without bringing out the overpowering attributes.

The scents of the Middle East inspire the ideas behind its existence; it is an elegant cologne full of attitude and seductive. Developed to be worn with complete confidence, you will stand out among the best. If you are that individual who is after the public attention, then this cologne is all you need to achieve your desires.

Mercedes Benz Intense

The cologne came into existence in 2013. It is known for its woody and spicy, which matches its name; the cologne is specifically for men. It has a strong scent but not a disturbing one. The cologne has a soft, pleasing note brought out by the violet and lemon leaf.

The cologne has a strong scent that speaks out of elegance and strength. It perfectly suits the one on one meetings or the boardroom.

Mercedes Benz Select

It was introduced in 2018 and created by French master perfumer Oliver Cresp. It is a warm scent with additional notes of wood and citrus. The top notes comprise bergamot and black currant. The longevity and depth of the fragrance are because of the mint and the apple. The cologne can be used for any event, though it best works on romantic days and evenings.

Mercedes Benz Black

Launched in 2017, it is a cologne that serves men explicitly. It is all about elegance, luxury, and warmth. It is one of the cologne that is not easy to forget. When it comes to black, it is a warm and spicy amber fragrance. It is sensory with the oriental flavours of vanilla and amber. The ingredients used to create it are simple, but its smell is exotic and rich.

There is a hint of mystery and sensual note brought by jasmine and incense. The base comprises vanilla, other woodsy notes, and benzoin.

Mercedes Benz Silver

Master perfumer Oliver Cresp is also involved in the creation of this cologne. There has been a long-term partnership between the luxurious German car company and the French perfumer. Silver is a cologne that gives the wearer confidence and enhances total energy.

The cologne has an opening fragrance of rhubarb, grapefruit, and bitter orange, followed by spicy pepper. One can wear this luxury fragrance during the day. It is the best Mercedes perfume you can have on when going out for a lunch date or meeting, as it will give you a luxury style.

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