Top things to do in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic sits on the northern shores of Amber Coast, named for its vast, rich amber deposits. Puerto Plata was one of the pioneer custom-built travel destinations in the Dominican Republic. Tourists worldwide flock to this place to experience the all-inclusive beaches along the shore.

Although these beach resorts provide many activities to enter your whole family, travelers who want to venture beyond these resorts can also find myriads of fun activities to do around this place. Examples of highlights include natural landscapes, museums, top-notch golf, cafes, restaurants, an interactive water park, and the historic Fort San Felipe.

Read on to find out the top activities and where to do them in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

Discover Paradise Island

When visiting Puerto Plata, ensure you visit the beautiful Paradise Island and enjoy the scenic views. It's an exciting feeling when you alight your boat and set foot on the desert island. Snorkelling is the most popular activity on the coral reefs at this destination. You can enjoy some calm and tranquil moments while on this island before going to Monte Cristi national park.'

Ride a cable car

Riding a cable car is ideal, regardless of whether you're coming from a cruise. With a cable car, you can discover various tourist attractions in the city. It's up to you to decide whether to select a guided cable car tour to visit some of the most famous destinations, such as San Felipe Fortress, Mt. Isabela, the Victorian district, etc.

Visit the Samana Bacardi island

In this destination in the Puerto Plata province, start by visiting the quaint Samana fishing village before you embark on a full-day tour in the beautiful ocean waters. If you're lucky, you may see several magnificent whales. The Samana Bacardi island is a breathtaking island with stunning white sand.

Other gorgeous attractions on this island are coconut trees, banana palms, and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It's the ideal destination for laying down, unwinding, and forgetting your worries for a moment.

Explore the Damajagua waterfalls

Besides the popular beaches and resorts, the next massive tourist attraction for tourists on a Puerto Plata travel is the Damajagua waterfalls. This destination provides nature lovers and adrenaline-junkies immense adventure. The Rio Damajagua has around 27 waterfalls and pools for outdoorsy tourists to explore.

Fun at the Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is the main tourism hub for the Puerto Plata province. It's a stretch of golden beaches packed with the all-inclusive resorts in the region and the fun that comes with these resorts.

You'll find lounge chairs and cabanas filled with sunbathers on this resort, making it one of the best beachfront in the Dominican Republic. Here, you'll also find live Merengue music to listen to while enjoying your drinks, food, and souvenirs.

The warm waters are ideal for swimming and a range of other sports. You can also find various rental shops where you can rent equipment to use during your stay here.

Beach enthusiasts can find many beaches near the town's center. They're located on a three-kilometre stretch known as Malecon - a stunning picturesque route running along the ocean.

Visit the Isla Bonita Deluxe

Visiting the Isla Bonita Deluxe should be part of every tourist's bucket list. It's an amazing paradise of turquoise waters, with live brightly coral reefs and tropical fish. When here, board the catamaran = The Ocean King – deluxe and take a tour of the gorgeous country landscape of Castillo de la Isabela.

It's a fascinating journey across La Ensenada beach's coast, where you'll find a natural pool with clear waters. You can enjoy Caribbean music, drink cider, and slide down the slides.

At La Isla Bonita, you can enjoy snorkeling, tour the island, and swim with the colorful fish and corals for almost two hours.

Discover Mt. Isabel de Torres

Overlooking the Puerto Plata province, Mt. Isabel is 2,600-feet high, providing fabulous panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, beaches, and the city. Most people who come to this destination use cable cars to enjoy these views, but more active tourists usually reach the summit.

At the mountain's summit, Christ the Redeemer's image presides over the town beneath, reminiscent of the popular landmark in Rio de Janeiro. At the landmark's feet, vendors are gathered to supply refreshments and souvenirs like handmade items, amber jewelry, etc.

Final Thoughts

The Puerto Plata province is home to many tourist attractions for tourists to explore. Create some time to visit these destinations and make the most of your trip there.

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