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Published on : 20 April 20223 min reading time

Your stay at the beautiful Fresh Riviera is not complete without a luxurious, tailor-made living experience. Good is never enough with tailored experiences as you receive more than you bargain for. The real estate French Riviera offers you many options to customize your stay to meet your needs and preferences. Therefore, if looking for a villa to stay in alone or with family, consider the following customizations and features when choosing the living space for your next stay in the area.

Enough Space to Handle Your Lifestyle

How much space is enough for you? There is anything from one to more seven bedrooms villas for you. Each room is exquisitely furnished and spacious for that comfy stay with all the fixtures that you may need. Most people that want to stay alone go for one-to-four-bedroom villas, while bigger families go for bigger living spaces.

To make the deal even sweeter, you get all bedrooms ensuite so that everyone has the absolute freedom to use their private space as they see fit. You also get big balconies where you can relax as you enjoy the cool breeze and view the amazing greenery around you. Pick villas with the best spaces and features for you and your loved ones.

Quality Amenities and Features

Each living space can be customized to meet your style and comfort. The luxury villas rental in Saint-Tropez, Ramatuelle and Gulf of Saint-Tropez have incredible amenities that make your stay relaxing and paradisiacal. Everything from the choice of colors to textures, upholstery and furniture matches the festive mood of the area.

Apart from amenities such as an expansive outdoor pool, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a fireplace and a BBQ area, there is an expansive outdoor area where you can relax with your friends and family, play games, and have an outdoor meal. If you are not enjoying the cozy fireplace, you are getting warmed by the sun on the pool overlooking the sea or trying your cooking skills with the finest meat cuts from the area.

Lots of Activities Around You

Enjoy the swish and suave feel of the over 100 km coastline of the French Riviera. It has plenty of activities to undertake when living at one of the best rental villas in the area. When you are not visiting historic residences or shopping at the glam boutiques, you are trying your luck at the casino or trying an exotic cuisine at one of the international restaurants. Do not forget water games at sea and a quick brunch at canopy-covered cafes.

Fortunately, these fun areas are just a few minutes from luxury villas rental locations. Most of the attractions allow you to book in advance to get a space even when there are many guests. Therefore, as you plan your tailored stay, plan and book other activities that you will sample when you get there. Try many other free add-ons you find here.

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