Diving in Malta, Gozo and Comino

Published on : 17 June 20202 min reading time

Let’s explore together the most beautiful sites in the world to make wonderful scuba dives! Also, let’s take a little tour in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the three neighbouring islands Malto, Gozo and Comino, so that we can realize all our dreams of paradisiacal dives while admiring the beautiful Maltese landscapes.

Location of the islands

The archipelago formed by the three neighbouring islands Malto, Gozo and Comino on the Italian side forms the smallest state in the European Union in the heart of the Mediterranean. These islands are at the crossroads of the West and the East, which has allowed them to acquire the most magnificent diving spots.

Optimal period of the dives

Benefiting from a mild climate even in winter, Malto, Gozo and Comino are accessible for diving all year round and the average air and water temperature is between 20°C. In addition, the warmest temperatures are especially between the holiday periods from May to October, which makes the diving programs all the more favourable!

Dive Center

There is nothing like the Maltese landscape for scuba diving thanks to the presence of caves, tunnels and drop offs, a place for adrenaline and sensations for both amateur and experienced divers. Instead of the white sandy beaches, one can rather admire the openings located between sea and cliffs.

And as for the underwater heritage, it is so rich that in every corner of the Malto, Gozo and Comino archipelago you will see groupers and moray eels, tuna, sardines, octopus and the Mediterranean populations. Here are some ideas of peaceful destinations for Maltese diving to admire the beauty of nature :

On the border of Mellieha to Arhax Point, you will encounter caves with a wide variety of marine life for diving,

From the blue cave at Wied oz Zurrieq, we will have a full view of its flora and fauna,

The Madonna Statue or statue of the Virgin placed at the bottom of the sea is the most famous dive site in Cirkewwa,

The Santa Maria Caves in Comino are a succession of caves, each one more attractive than the next,

In Gozo, pleasant dive sites are in Blue Hole, Inland Sea and Dwejra around the French Riviera window.

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