Far from our very contemporary interiors with pale and clear colours, the 70s dared to mix colours, materials and styles. Against all odds, the psychedelic and flower power years are making a comeback in 2021! Rather than being afraid to try, we might as well indulge ourselves and dare to use flashy colours, corduroy sofas and rattan furniture! Until now, the seventies were really out of fashion, but now they're on the rise... And we like it!

The great return of the 70s?

But why this sudden return to the 70s? The cause remains unexplained, but the trend is there: the seventies are back in force in our interiors. Whether it's for the warm and flashy colours, the original wallpapers, the various materials and the rounded shapes, we are totally in love with this decoration. A wind of nostalgia blows over 2021. We are looking for a time far removed from what we know today, in this very particular health context. Yes, the rebellious, free and inventive spirit of the 70s has definitely taken over our interiors!

Shimmering and slightly crazy colours!

The 70's are mostly about colours. We all remember the warm colours of that era: brown, orange, yellow, red... Mustard yellow, for example, is a key colour in post-68 France, impossible to miss! Not forgetting the psychedelic shades and floral patterns! Respect a "colour code", you say? No, there's no need! Forget everything you know about colours that match each other: in a 70s-style living room, you'll find yourself on a fir green sofa with mustard yellow cushions and a terrine red coffee table. The good thing? It's a decoration that gives you energy!

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