Permanent make-up is an aesthetic technique that allows you to fix the make-up on your eyes for a few years. No need to remove and reapply make-up every day. Your make-up does not move, and this, for several years.

If the idea seems too good to be true, it is nevertheless the result of a well thought-out dermo aesthetic. In this article, we answer all your questions about permanent eye make-up.

Permanent eye make-up before and after: what does it look like?

Thanks to fine sterile needles, permanent make-up pigments the skin at the very surface of the dermis to make a make-up that emphasizes the eyes, adds depth and enhances them.
Permanent eye make-up is mainly done on the upper eyelid but some professionals will also suggest a line of kohl under the eye for those who wish to emphasise the look.
There are different types of permanent eye make-up. You can choose one or more of the following techniques:
A thickening of the lash line;
Eyeliner (on the lower and/or upper eyelid);
Densification of the lashes;
The colours and shapes can indeed vary according to the needs and desires of each woman.

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How does the first appointment work?

Everything starts with a test to allow you to visualize the aesthetic rendering of your future eye make-up. This allows you to adjust your desires, the colours and shapes of the way you will have your permanent make-up.
Once this choice has been made, the pigment injections take place. This procedure takes about an hour and is performed under local anaesthetic.

How long does permanent eye make-up last?

Permanent make-up is not permanent, it disappears gradually as the skin renews itself.
However, it can last up to 2 or 5 years, which promises months and months of peace of mind.

Where to get it done?

Only an accredited dermatologist or a qualified beautician can perform permanent eye make-up.
Ask your practitioner if he or she performs injections of mineral pigments. These are hypoallergenic.

How much does it cost?

On average, you should expect to pay between €350 and €450 for permanent eye make-up. These prices obviously vary from one professional to another and according to the technique required.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Immediately after the procedure, your eyes will be a little swollen. This reaction is quite normal and may even last a few days.
At the beginning, the make-up is darker and more visible. After a week, the colouring takes on its normal appearance, which you will keep afterwards.
For about ten days, you will be asked not to bathe and to avoid saunas, hammams etc....
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